Private Detective Bureau UNITED
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The Bureau of Private Detectives UNITED has the possibility to develop investigation activities at these domains:

For private persons:

- Surveillance and pursuit of persons ;
- Public morality of persons: fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, children, associates, friends, etc. ;
- Data upon the goods who make the object of litigations;
- Investigating person's: addresses, occupations and life style;
- Seek of missing or hidden persons;
- Theft and fraud;
- Informative protection of some people;
- Indoor surveillance;
- Protection (discreet or not) of children in different situations - disco, cinema, excursion, camps, vacation;
- Reconstitution of genealogical tree;
- Seeking and investigating for missing persons (other than those in competence of institutions of the state;
- Morality (fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, children, associates, etc.) ;
- Identification of ex-colleagues from high-school, college for the realization of anniversary agape;

Services for firms:

- Verification of employees or future employees CV, investigation of morality, loyalty, seriousness (employees, future employees, future clients etc);
- Verification of some declarations;
- Verification of personnel that declares itself sick;
- Solvency of actual or future business partners;
- Investigations on competition;
-Informative protection of businessman or personalities;
- Protection of trademark and patent;
- Counter-espionage;
- Verification and testing of protection measures of confidential and secret data;
- Verification and testing of the way that the hired security society realizes it's specific tasks;
- Realization of punctiform activities, requested by the lead of the objective, according to the legal attributions of our society;
- Proposal of precise solutions, operative and effective, of enhanced objective's protection;
- Support in court by testimony regarding the cases resolved by usi.

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- Garantam discretie desavarsita in cazurile incredintate;
- Calitatea deosebita a serviciilor prestate;
- Preturi Convenabile;
- Prestarea unor servicii complementare;
- Disponibilitate imediata.
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